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From Cook Books to Prayer books we have an array of Greek Publications that will fit your needs.

2018 GreeK Almanac Kazamia - AVAILABLE NOW
Our Price:    $10.95
2018 GreeK Almanac Kazamia - AVAILABLE NOW

The Kazamia is an annual Almanac covering astrology, important dates, events, dream explanations, fun facts, predictions and more.

*Written entirely in Greek.



Our Price:    $8.95
A Guide to Greek Traditions and Customs In America
* Encompassing the essence of religious and cultural traditions through time.
* By Marilyn Rouvelas
* Second Edition
* Published in 1993
* 411 page book
Our Price:    $34.95
Divry Daily Calendar Holder OUT OF STOCK

This calender holder fits the Divry yearly calendar. The Icon on the wall calendar holder my vary.

Our Price:    $14.95
Wall Calendar Holder:
Divry 2018 Daily Calendar - AVAILABLE NOW

This calendar each day of the year with information as well as jokes, recipes, and other information on the back. Pages are in Greek and English, as well as the dates.


Our Price:    $10.25
Divry's New English Greek and Greek English Dictionary

The publishers have produced a practical, accurate and complete Dictionary of the English and Greek languages, presented in a concise format.  The vocabularies have been carefully compiled to embrace all words in current use, including many scientific and technical terms which have become a part of the English and Greek languages as spoken or written today.   Many new words used in science, radio, automobile, aviation, etc.., are included in this Dictionary, thus affording the student richer vocabularies than those found in many larger volumes.  There are additional reference sources included as well. this book has 511 pages and is a  hard cover book.

Our Price:    $19.95
Greek Bible OUT OF STOCK

*999 pages
*Publisher: American Bible Society
*Language: Modern Greek
*Product Dimensions: 8.6 x 5.5 x 1.2 inches
Our Price:    $39.95
Greek Cookery

*By Nicholas Tselementes, international authority on European Cooking.
*Published D.C. Divry, Inc.
*236 pages of special dishes 
*Dedicated to the St. Moritz Hotel-New York.
Our Price:    $26.99
Greek Made Easy

*A simplified method of instruction in Modern Greek for schools and self-study.
*Greek, English with Phonetics.
*Hard Cover.
*191 pages.
*D.C. Divry, Inc. Publishers.


Currently out of Stock.

Our Price:    $26.99
Greek-American Pioneer Woman of Illinois

Greek-American Pioneer Women of Illinois, produced through the Greek Women's University Club, chronicles the struggles and triumphs, the pathos and joy of five women who emigrated to the United States from 1885 to 1923.

Our Price:    $23.95
Greektown Chicago

This 200 page book weaves a tapestry of culinary delights, snapshots portraying the daily lives and aspirations of Greektown immigrants, and reflections of an enduring community with a rich cultural history that still thrives today.

Currently Out Of Stock.
Our Price:    $35.00
Holy Week Prayer Book
Hardcover Greek Prayer Written in Greek 409 pages
Our Price:    $18.95
Small Greek Prayer Book-Epistle OUT OF STOCK

Currently out of Stock.

*14 Pages
*Written in Greek

Our Price:    $3.00
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